What is Your Investment?

Annual Dues Schedule
See below for our current fundraising initiative!

Risk Retention Groups

Membership includes the RRG and all direct employees of the RRG.


Annual Gross Written                                 Annual Corporate Dues

Premium in Millions                                      

      $0-$5                                                         $1,750

      $5-$10                                                       $2,250

      $10-$25                                                     $2,900

      $25-100                                                     $3,500

      $100+                                                        $4,000

      RRG in single state                                    $900


Purchasing Groups

Membership includes the PG and all direct employees of the PG.

      New Member                                          $350

      Renewing Member                                 $500


Captive Manager

Membership includes the captive management company and all direct employees of the captive management company, but does not extend to client RRGs or employees of client RRGs.


Number of RRG Clients                                Annual Corporate Dues       

      Fewer than 5                                                $2,100

      5-9                                                               $3,000

      10+                                                              $4,250


Membership includes the reinsurance company as well as all direct employees of the reinsurance company.

      Reinsurer Annual Corporate Dues                      $4,250


Service Provider (Other than Captive Managers or Reinsurers – see above categories)

Membership includes the service provider company as well as all direct employees of the service provider company.

      Service Provider Annual Corporate Dues           $2,100


NRRA's advocacy over the past several years has taken three forms:

1. Regulatory 
2. Legislative, and

3. Judicial

These initiatives have been very expensive to maintain, well beyond the monies generated by regular dues. 

NRRA has been fortunate to have had the support of a number of our dedicated members in pursuing efforts to modernize the Liability Risk Retention Act (LRRA). At the same time, we have continued to maintain a high-profile presence before the NAIC, and have endeavored to intercede, when economically feasible, as amicus curiae (friend of the court) in a number of critical cases that have correctly enforced the LRRA in favor of the industry. Those dedicated members, for the most part, agreed to donate .001 (1/1000) of their gross written premium (GWP) for these purposes.

Accordingly, the NRRA board has now set a fundraising goal to encourage all of our members to do the same. The donation can be paid at one time or spread over two years.

Consistent with that fundraising goal, also, the board voted in March 2013 to increase dues, but determined to spread that dues increase over two years. The above amounts reflect the first phase in that process.

By way of example, NRRA's new amicus strategy, instituted within the last year, has resulted in several favorable decisions holding that the LRRA preempts certain state insurance regulations governing arbitration, direct action statutes and a major regulator cease-and-desist order in the ANI vs. Nevada case before the Ninth Circuit. 

Think about your dues and then consider what it costs us to run just one law case! We now have
several cases going at the same time, all of which will benefit you both directly and indirectly as a member. 

NRRA regularly attends all NAIC meetings on your behalf and participates in other coalition activities with other associations currently doing battle on Dodd Frank and the FIO. Last year, we even challenged the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on it's improper findings that had been undermined by the NAIC. 

This is what we do! We cannot do it without you. There is no other association out there that truly protects the interests of RRGs and PGs as we do -
daily through our Government Affairs initiatives. 

Naturally, we appreciate all donations. Many of our service provider members also come in as sponsors at our annual conference, considered one of the best in the industry. 

Welcome aboard!